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Understanding The Three Different Types Of VoIP Vendors

It is critical for businesses that want to utilize a sophisticated and innovative business VoIP phone system to decide on these factors. These include the form of technology they require, the number of users they want to provide support for, various types of features they desire (for example, IVR, Video calling, etc.), the inclusion of certified IP phones and others. However, these critical factors cannot be ignored.

Brands need to consider some steps by taking time to ask some crucial questions and find out the type of VoIP vendors that should be selected for the project.

In the first place, asking these questions may sound illogical as you may be thinking that all VoIP vendors are the same, but it is essential to note that these vendors are not the same. There are three various types of VoIP vendors in the marketplace, and it is crucial for you to understand the unique differences among them. This article will show you the differences and the distinct features of each form of them:

“Do-it-Yourself” Mass Market VoIP Vendors

This category of VoIP vendors are focused on a single mode of business, and this is the selling of hardware to various business entities. Clients are not guaranteed quality assurance and customer support after each sale and left alone to figure out things on their own. When those who purchased their hardware have configuration issues or are in need of system optimization, they check the technical manual or the FAQ page of the vendor for answers. Most of the business entities that chose them often regret their decisions at the end of the transaction and wished they never bought from them.

Carrier Service Providers

This category of service providers is conventional phone companies. Their mode of operation is that they offer a significant part of their resources to sales instead of services. They concentrate on the sales of long distance minutes and provide support for their phone service lines. You need to check these carrier service providers offer VoIP systems for sale in the first place. The answer is straightforward; it is because they can sell to their clients. These companies are renowned brands that have maintained a market presence over the years and concentrated on the sales of VoIP systems because of the profits involved without prioritizing the satisfaction of buyers. Most business entities that have tried to acquire after-sales support from these vendors learned a bitter lesson in the long run, and this led to frustration and increase in expenses.

Solutions Providers

These vendors are known as the solution providers. They are renowned for their expertise and thorough understanding of the terrains of both sides of the equation which they used in assisting businesses to make informed decisions on the choice of a robust optimal system for their existing and future needs. They are also experts in the provision of excellent support and services after the implementation. They offer these services because they have a perfect understanding of the industry and know that business changes over time and its telecommunications system must be developed accordingly to keep up with the trend.

For instance, when there is a need for remote users to be attached to the team, it is the responsibility of a committed solutions provider with an excellent track record to incorporate these users to the system with a cost-effective and fast approach.


Cloudbnet is one of the most trusted VoIP solutions providers in the nation that has an enviable track record. Since its launching in 2017, we have provided support for various business entities, educational institutions, and government agencies to ensure they enjoy the amazing benefits of a creative, cost-effective, and reliable VoIP phone system. We boast of a team of professionals who are always willing to help clients with their inquiries. We do not offer VoIP phone systems for sale, but we are focused on the creation of a stable relationship that adds value and strong enough to stand the test of time.

We offer free consultation session, and you can know more about our services when you contact us today. We have a firm belief that you will understand why our brand is the preferred choice for various companies as their VoIP phone system partner when you come for a chat with us.

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