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Two Brilliant Reasons You Should Use The VoIP Extension (BizPhone)

Are you moving out of the country? Are you working from the comfort of your home? Utilize the innovative BizPhone to make phone calls with your Cloudbnet phone system from any computer or phone.

Advantages of the BizPhone are as follows:

1. Save money

You save money as the system will call your phone first before linking your call, and you will not be paying for an outbound call. For instance, you can make use of it from your hotel room while on a trip.

2. Maintain a professional appearance from anywhere.

You can show your Cloudbnet number on the phone of the person who receives your call despite using any phone to make a call; it does not matter if you are calling with a mobile or home phone.


You can make use of the BizPhone application to call any number from any destination on your computer.

Choose the number for your current location or include a new number. Click on the Call option, and you will receive a call from us. As soon as you answer the call, the call will be bridged by us, and you will have the chance to talk to your desired contact.


On your iPhone or Android device, download and launch the BizPhone application. Dial the number you want to call, and the recipient will see your Cloudbnet business line on his or her Caller ID- your mobile number will not be visible while using it.


Reach out to us today at in order to communicate effectively with your customers with Cloudbnet's VoIP Extension (BizPhone).

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