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The Ultimate Guide To The Best Communication System For Your Business

The reason you are here is that you are searching for an optimized communication system that helps you maintain internal and external rapports. A reliable communication system that helps you save time and efforts and prevent you from getting stuck in high-tech information. Whether you are a new business entity or an experienced brand that would love to upgrade, modify, expand or downgrade your present communication system, this is the best place for you.

Discover the best phone system for your business.

The first question that comes to mind is that, what are the components of an excellent phone system?

It is not compulsory for you to be a telecommunications guru, or engage the services of a professional to assist you with the analysis of your business core needs in selection of the best phone services. Choosing your phone service is a walk in the park, and not as difficult as projected.

You need to consider several factors like how you want your phone system to be structured, your preferred types of connection, the expenses, you need to check if the phone system possess the specific attributes or provides collaboration tools that aligns with the goals of your business, and offers the mobility tools.

In conclusion, an excellent phone system will align with your business projections perfectly. The best phone system should suit your budget, and provide the necessary features your business may require when the business expands, and personalized alternatives to ensure the special needs of your business are met.

What are your options?

You can start the process by making use of a telephone line when your business is a small brand. However, you can add more phones for your employees as your business expands. For instance, your employees in your branch offices will need phones to maintain communication to ensure things are run smoothly and avoid complication of processes.

Business phone systems have become flexible gadgets that must not be ignored in this fast changing business world. It is noteworthy that traditional phone systems have failed to maintain their dominance but have been reinvented to be on the same level with other modern types of phone systems. For instance, PBX systems that were once considered as complex networks have been hosted now. This offers you various alternatives you can choose from.

We will analyze two renowned phone systems to offer a comprehensive assessment.

Traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

The expenses and customization will expand when more phone lines are added. Fortunately, a sophisticated gadget is aailable for the management of this scenario and this is PBX, otherwise known as private branch exchange. PBX enables you to connect all the phones in a company, or phones based in several places collectively. It is important to put into consideration several advantages and disadvantages of PBX.

One of the advantages of PBX is that it can support for your businesses with several locations as a reliable and independent infrastructure.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VOIP is the other alternative, it is a technology that permits you to make voice calls with the use of a broadband internet connection rather than use an analog phone line. As an application-based option that uses hardware and software systems in a cloud model, it is important to understand the pros and cons of VOIP as well:

There is a need for business entities to invest their infrastructure in the hosting of an advanced on-premise phone system in this current cloud dispensation. The reason is that it comes with enhanced features, lower prices, and more choices.

Which system do we recommend?

With the advent of the VOIP technology, the PBX system has been transformed. It is important to note that hosted and virtual PBX phone systems popularly known as cloud-based PBX have replaced the physical hardware that are no longer used in several cases, and most business entities can take advantage of the features through the cloud. A cloud-based PBX phone system is recommended for brands that are just springing up, and our preferred solution provider is Cloudbnet. If you want to consider VOIP, you must ensure it has the features required for your business without the application of expensive initial hardware and installation expenses of a conventional or IP PBX.

A cloud PBX needs adequate internet connection and phone handsets, though not compulsory as you can make use of desktop softphones or mobile phones to avoid the expenses. The entire features of the phone system are managed online and these include the auto attendant, phone tree, and the voicemail boxes. It ensures the scalability of the system as well as encourages the addition and removal of extensions at any time.

Cloud-based PBX or IP PBX is recommended for you if your business office has more than 40 employees. Due to the high number of phone extensions, there is no difference between the installation of the expensive one-time IP PBX maintenance, cost of setup, and monthly subscription fee. These two options will help you save costs in maintenance, management, and you will enjoy cost-effective call rates, as well as add-on cost advantages and efficiencies.

Finally, your choice!

In conclusion, IP telephony is the next big thing when it comes to human communication and its advantages are glaring that there is no need for you to use the conventional PBX.

We have a firm belief that this article has given you information about the pros and cons of PBX as well as VOIP. This will help you to decide on the best package that aligns with the needs of your business and make sure the precautions are strictly adhered to.

If acquiring a cloud-based PBX phone system for your business sounds interesting to you, check the attached article. You will be shown various plans that allow you to choose the phone services you need to offer your brand the required flexibility and business outlook you want your brand to possess.


Reach out to us today at in order to communicate effectively with your customers with Cloudbnet's Cloud PBX.

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