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The Top Four Questions Small Business Owners Have About VoIP

Selecting of an excellent phone system is crucial to the thriving of small businesses. The phone is the perfect medium that serves as a means of communication for business owners through which they can maintain an excellent communication channel with their leads, suppliers, and existing clients. However, the use of a home-based landline or cell phone is not enough to communicate with customers. The good news is that the VoIP technology has offered small business owners the opportunity to enjoy enterprise-class telecommunication features without paying much money for installation and expensive hardware.

This article is to assist small business owners who are still pondering about the idea of switching to VoIP and individuals who want to learn the basics of the technology. In this write-up, you will provide you with the most common four questions that Cloudbnet receives about VoIP and the responses.

Is VoIP A Cheaper PBX System?

When you compare VoIP to the hosted and legacy on-premise phone systems, you get a cheaper alternative that offers more incredible attributes and flexibility in VoIP. It is the perfect choice for business owners who aim to save thousands of dollars every year as it does not require an installation of specialized hardware and maintenance charges. The cloud-based system does not compel you to hire the services of engineers to fix any cable.


The call quality of VoIP was not fantastic when it was launched in 2004. Over the years, the service has significantly improved, and more corporate bodies and organizations are using the technology across the globe. The voice quality of VoIP is better than the one you acquired from cell phones and landlines. VoIP requires a vibrant internet connection, and it is advisable for you to exploit a high-speed DSL, cable or fiber-optic connection with a constant upload speed of 64 kbps or higher for the efficient performance of each line you want to operate and a router with QoS qualities.


You are required to make use of a PC with speakers and a microphone when you want to use the VoIP. On the other hand, you can make use of a headset combo for PCs. A high-speed broadband internet connection will be needed for this technology to function correctly. If you want to enjoy full features with the Cloudbnet offerings, you have access to three equipment options, and these are a Cloudbnet pre-configured business desk phone, PC/Mac Call Controller with SoftPhone which can be used to make and receive calls from your computer. You also have the Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) which enables you to utilize a typical analog phone with our amazing services.


When the power goes off, all phones powered electrically and PBX systems will be switched off. With the application of an exceptional cloud system like Cloudbnet, your business will be maintaining proper communication with your clientele as your calls and faxes will be answered. You can also forward your calls to your cell phone or voicemail when your desk phones are not available.


Reach out to us today at in order to communicate effectively with your customers with Cloudbnet's Cloud PBX.

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