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The Genie in the Phone Cloud: Top 5 Small Business Features

As entrepreneurship has been on the rise lately, there has been an increase in the fortunes of small business entities. Various factors are some of the reasons why clients prefer to patronize small business owners than purchasing the products and services of renowned brands. These factors are paying attention to detail, personal service, and offering support for local brands to ensure their sustenance.

Irrespective of your business size, excellence is a significant attribute that your business must possess, but you must be able to maintain communications and ensure your clients have a seamless connection with you. With the introduction of the cloud-based phone system from Cloudbnet, it is possible for small businesses to act in the capacity of bigger brands as it offers you the opportunity to achieve incredible results with the use of creativity and smart technology.


You can set your system to make sure you do not miss any call as your auto-receptionist is the trusted personal assistant that you can always rely on. You need to define the routing standards, and it will make sure you are connected to your cycling group, vendors, and customers, with impressive features such as call forwarding to several numbers and devices, department-specific messaging, and text-to-speech message translation.

If you need an individual with fluent English accent reciting your menus to those who call your phone to make inquiries, you are at the right spot. Greetings are personalized as you can also request for an expert for your recordings. Even if your brand has three employees, you can still execute this procedure like you are already a big business entity.

Unlimited Toll-Free, Local, and Vanity Numbers

Your phone number forms a part of your personality as it can create memories about you. A typical toll-free number, as well as the premium 1-800 number, informs your clients that your brand is trustworthy and capable and that they can speak to you without spending a dime. Select a few local numbers for the areas you intend to serve and without wasting time; you are on your way to becoming the brand new business in the neighborhood.

Receiving voicemail messages or not responding to your callers as fast as possible can be disastrous for your business as customers will search for other brands that are ready to do business with them rather than wait for you. It is crucial to invent virtual departments with a collection of extensions as this will serve as the best method to connect with your clients swiftly. For instance, when you create the sales department and when your representatives are not on the ground, your callers will be placed on hold until a representative takes the call and speaks to them. You can personalize your holding times to make sure your callers do not feel alone.

Get ahead with Call Forwarding

What is the fate of the caller who has been placed on hold and he wants to buy from you? It is important to know that every second matter in this aspect as call forwarding can be set to reach you and another rep of your brand after a 30-second hold time. In this case, the call will be forwarded to the mobile phone of your business partner. In the case where the person is not available, the call will look for another contact of your company, and if not possible, the call will be routed back to you even when you are on holiday. It is also feasible for you to set exact parameters for After Hours and evade the expenses associated with an outside answering service.

The thrill of the (easy) chase

I am sure you want your brand to be easily contacted. It is an excellent idea to choose FindMe-FollowMe as it is the perfect cyberstalker to work with. With this device, you can manage connectivity by ensuring all incoming calls are directed to your phones. You can set the machine to call several phones at once, in a precise format and even by various factors such as the caller’s Caller ID, the dialed number, date, and time.

As an individual with the desire, vision, and tenacity to start your business with the idea of getting rid of expensive and outdated phone system hardware from your office space. Your contacts will be pleasantly surprised about your availability whenever your attention is required. The first steps in creating a thriving business are launching a reliable phone system that your contacts can quickly reach you anytime they want to speak with you.


Reach out to us today at in order to communicate effectively with your customers with Cloudbnet's Cloud PBX.

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