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Testimonial: Company Using Cloudbnet's Cloud PBX

Aswed Associates, one of our initial customers, uses our Cloud PBX solution for their offices in Singapore and South Asia.

Aswed Associates is a freight forwarding provider for heavy machinery in Singapore and South Asia.

Currently having 2 offices in Singapore and Karachi, managing customer inquiries, operations, and sales can be a big problem, especially when you want to monitor and trace the calls their employees take up.

1. They have 1 virtual line number, which forwards to their HQ BizPhone. If there is no one in the office, the call will be routed to other office.

2. If the call comes in after office hours, it has voicemail for potential customers to leave a message.

3. For calls between their offices, Aswed Associates uses Cloudbnet to Cloudbnet connectivity for FREE calls

4. As an additional note, Aswed Associates uses Call Recording to monitor their employees calls from different offices without PAYING FOR ANY HARDWARE OR PBX SYSTEM for recording.

"We have been very careful in choosing a new communication system for our sales and customer service offices in 2 countries. Cloudbnet is a flexible, scalable and secure solution. Running Cloudbnet on the cloud allows us not to be tied to a particular type of hardware. Having this kind of flexibility and redundancy is critical in a fast-paced operation.” - Aishah Khan, Manager at Aswed Associates

Get started free. Easy to set up, no credit card required.

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