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Cultural Phone Etiquettes – How to Communicate Effectively with Customers

The internet has enhanced the way business transactions are done these days as small businesses can contact another client in another country as if the individual is close to their location. Without mincing words, enhanced business telecommunications and internet have increased the prospects of international trade for various business enterprises.

This opportunity has not been devoid of its challenges for different entrepreneurs as they have to cope with time zones and language difficulties during the process of business transactions. Another significant factor worthy of mention is the difference in cultural etiquette when collaborating with other clients living in other nations. As the deal is mostly conducted over the phone, it is imperative to learn how to create a bond irrespective of the cultural differences. These are the following key points you should pay attention to when discussing with your clients who are living in other countries.


Though you may have some of your clients in your locality who prefer to call you dude, please make sure you respectfully talk to your clients. Some people in some countries pay attention to how you address them and make use of formal greetings than others and your knowledge about this will help you a lot. For instance, citizens in Japan prefer to be addressed as San in addition to their names as it is regarded as a formal means to address them. San is another name for Mr. or Ms. and can be used in business settings. Use of Monsieur and Madame in France is considered as proper means of greeting while the use of Sir and Madam is a polite form of greeting in India.


Having a chat with someone who has a different accent can be a challenging task. You will be required to listen attentively and ask for the information where you are not clear of the message of the caller. It is also important to consider that the person, on the other hand, might be having difficulty understanding your pronunciation and diction; ensure you keep the tone of the conversation simple by speaking slowly and in a clear voice.


When you are having a chat on the phone with someone who is not a native speaker, the chances of misunderstandings are high. If the person is not getting your message, you can rephrase the message for easy comprehension. If they can understand your word, the objective of the communication will be achieved.


Speaking to anyone rudely is unacceptable in any country, and all cultures frown at it. When both of you speak a different language, there is a possibility of talking down, but you must be diplomatic in your conversation. You need to exercise patience and ensure both parties achieve the goal of effective communication.


You may be familiarized with the phrases in the American settings, but not all clients are accustomed to these terms and may be left confused with the use of those business slangs. Ensure you avoid the use of slangs in your conversation with your clients as some of them may find it offensive and difficult to comprehend.

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