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How to Choose the Best On-Hold Music for Your Business

If you have been forced to stay on a call while you listen to a particular song you do not have a flair for, you will have an idea of why a business entity should select the type of music for its phone system. It is a known fact that most entrepreneurs who run small business units spent a substantial amount of funds on the development of brands and excellent customer service but does not concentrate on the experience of their callers when they are placed on hold. If you carefully consider the entire time callers spent to wait for their turn, it is likely you have an understanding of why you should make the wait worthwhile and make a concise plan for it.

It has been observed that bad songs playing while clients are waiting or lack of music can have an adverse impact on the relationship the clientele has with a brand. Music plays a significant role in the branding process and must be in touch with your business messages, brand image, and call flow. It is essential to use good music that portrays your brand image and conversant with the fantastic caller experience you want to attain.

Align Music with Customer Preferences

As a western wear shop owner, playing country music for clients whose calls are placed on hold is cool. In other climes, the reverse is the case. It is not possible to play a sound that will appeal to the hearing of everybody as each person has a different opinion. It is important to make sure most of your customers are pleased with the choice of music. If your clientele comprises of a group of youths, it is likely that they enjoy world music or reggae rhythm when they are on hold. Companies that offer services and products to affluent customers will choose classical or contemporary jazz sounds for their callers. The aim is to select a pleasant music sound that will ensure your clients are in the right mood as they wait for their inquiries to be resolved.

Adapt Music to the Callers’ Purpose

Apart from having a positive brand image, it is crucial to have an understanding of what your callers want to achieve. Is there a sales line where your clients reach out when they want to purchase from your company?

Ensure the music sound is lively and appealing. If they are calling to seek a professional assistance or complain about something, you can choose a gentle music sound that will help them ease their irritations.

Keep It Fresh

Ensure you keep your music catalog updated on a regular basis as it will help you keep your callers engaged. Repeated songs each time a client calls will project your brand as boring. When you alter your music selection, regular callers will love it. It is also essential that your choice of music sounds align with the needs of your clients and industry.


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