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4 Things to Look for in a Phone Solution for Large Enterprises

According to a research report released by Bain & Company, it was observed that renowned brands such as Google, Dell, and Apple perform better than the normal brands as they record a higher level of 40% productivity. On the other hand, it was noted that an average company loses about 25% of its productive capacity to time-wasting processes, and this is evident as the company develops with time.

Without mincing words, a business phone is one of the most important communication tools for most brands, and it is crucial for big brands to have a reliable phone system that ensure the optimization of time management and work productivity.


It is important to note that the best phone system in 2018 will ensure the simplification of the corporation’s workflow, ensure the scalability of your companies as it grows, as well as provide support for various sites and the remote connectivity of your mobile workforce.


Through Zapier, new phone systems can collaborate with CRM, Google Analytics without issues. This approach will ensure work productivity and save your time significantly. For example, when a customer submits an inquiry, a ticket is automatically generated into the ticketing system of the company, and the customer service personnel will get a note on the next line of action to be taken.

There is an in-built call tracking tool that permits you to track the source of your incoming call in other PBX phone systems, which will also assess the performance of your marketing campaigns.


Most cloud PBX permits your staff to make and receive calls from any available phone with the main corporate number in their country of domicile, and with related extension and voicemail. On the other hand, your mobile employees can divert phone calls to their mobile phone numbers in any country. This approach ensures comfort for your team members, as well as enhances the productivity of your organizations.

With this, a smooth connection between the mobile users and offices can be easily maintained as each person in the central company directory can contact other employees by dialing internal extensions.


If your corporations are developing at a fast pace, and require an increase in the number of phone lines; it will be a smart idea to search for a phone system that enables you to upgrade in small increments. For example, Cloud PBX permits you to add or remove phone extensions from your online account without the assistance of a professional. The IT Manager will be relieved as it will save the time and effort in case of a great wavering in the communication needs of the corporation.


When your call is disrupted by echo or slight delay, it could cause severe problems. It is critical to select a phone system from a service provider that ensures stable quality and high availability. Most licensed telecommunications providers offers SS7 (Signaling System No 7) connection to make the call quality is significantly better than the ones provided by other vendors.

It is important to switch to Cloudbnet Cloud PBX system if you are in need of the aforementioned features. The Cloudbnet Cloud PBX system has a stress-free integration capacity, delivering complete communication solutions to renowned brands such as Scoot and Manufile.

As an innovative brand, Cloudbnet has initiated the idea of smooth communication to offer you the ability to easily scale your phone systems and ensure a smart integration of your present systems. It is easier for you to mix and match several apps to fit your use cases and upgrade the calls capacity without stress. With a strong presence in over hundred cities in more than seventy countries across the globe, our Cloudbnet PBX system is the best. We are also proud to offer exceptional coverage in Asia-PAC. Talk to our professional team today to know more about the incredible solutions we can proffer to your business.


Reach out to us today at in order to communicate effectively with your customers with Cloudbnet's Cloud PBX.

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