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Five Questions To Ask Prospective VoIP Solutions Provider Before You Sign On The Dotted Line

In the previous article, we understand that there are three various categories of VoIP business phone system companies in the marketplace. These are the established VoIP Solutions Providers, carrier service providers, and the Do-It-Yourself Mass market vendors.

As you are already aware of the features of each of these service providers, you are likely to avoid a relationship with the other types of companies and stick with the VoIP Solutions Provider because this type of brand offers convenience and help you achieve a high return on investment and provision of valuable services.

These are the five essential questions that you need to ask your prospective VoIP solutions providers before registering an account with them:

1. Are you specialized in the provision of business VoIP phone systems?

You must make sure that the vendor of your choice is specialized in the provision of business VoIP phone systems. This business should be its area of concentration, and the company must be a brand that understands the fundamental and complicated details of the field as well as having a proven track record of excellence. The brand must have been in the industry for some years.

2. Are you independent and “brand agnostic”?

It is the responsibility of a competent and experienced VoIP Solutions Provider to endorse specific brands and technologies for items like managed routers, certified IP phones, backup power supplies, etc.

Nevertheless, these endorsements will be focused on experience and not based on concealed agenda and self-centeredness. You must be sure that the recommendations offered are focused on what will add value to your business, and you are not cajoled into purchasing something that is not needed by your company.

3. What is your service commitment and capacity?

You need to take this scenario seriously as it is the most crucial factor. If you have a pending issue, question, or an inquiry about a specific attribute of your business VoIP phone system, confirm if your service provider can help you out and also check if they have a support team that offers prompt support for clients. It is essential to select a VoIP Solutions provider that offers after-sale support that will help you gain real value for your money.

4. Can we see testimonials and talk to your customers?

A trusted and experienced VoIP solutions provider will be happy to share the contact details of their previous clients with you. This will give you the opportunity to relate to the customers and let them tell you about their experience with the services. If the VoIP solutions provider is reluctant to provide you with this information, it is a sign that they will not be committed to you after closing the deal.

5. Will you help our team use the system?

Individuals are different. Some of the workers may show enthusiasm for the new technology while others may not feel impressed with the introduction of technology because they fear that the change may cost them their jobs and this pave the way for anxiety.

It is important to hire the services of a reliable VoIP solutions provider that can offer a robust training plan for the employees to embrace the new technology. It also entails working with workers who are not happy with the introduction of the technology and those who are tech-savvy to ensure they achieve a friendly business environment. Super-users on your team will also be trained as they act as the on-site support resources, and those who expedite routing issues and inquiries to your VoIP Solutions Provider.

You can contact the Cloudbnet team today for a free consultation session and discover how we can use our experience to add immense value to your business.

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