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Cloudbnet has Golden Numbers for you!

Chinese believe that the numbers 6 and 8 are auspicious numbers. According to Chinese folklore, the number 6 represents wealth. In Cantonese, this number is a homophone for (祿 Lok) while in Mandarin, 6 is pronounced the same as “liu” and is similar to “flow” (流, liú) whi is considered good for business. The number 8 sounds similar to the word “prosper” or “wealth” (發 – short for “發財”) in Mandarin, which is also a good omen for businesses.

Now you can purchase auspicious and nice sounding numbers from Cloudbnet for as low as $100. Pick and choose numbers like +65 6871 4000 and +65 66815 666 for your office Main Line!

To view the entire list or for more information, send an email to

*We have Golden Numbers for Singapore and Hong Kong lines.

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