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Setting Up Departments - Extensions For Your Business (BizPhone)

A few years ago, extensions were traditional means of communication that are placed on the desks in the office. This made it impossible for your callers to communicate with you when you are at the restaurant for lunch or outside the office premises to have a meeting with a customer. Most often, your callers are forced to leave a voice message which might eventually compel you to miss an urgent call.

You will love the offerings of the Cloudbnet extensions as they are one of the most viable business phone attributes that you need at this period. With the Cloudbnet extensions, you will no longer miss out on important calls as you have the opportunity to pick your calls wherever you are located. You can align your office extension with the Cloudbnet extension to connect with your home or mobile phone, so you do not miss any calls.

The application of multiple extensions is to improve the professional brand outlook. You can create extensions for inventory, sales, and customer support and link these extensions to your mobile number. Your callers will not notice the difference when they reach you through the extension, you just have to pick your call to receive their messages.

Moreover, a department consists of a combination of extensions you appoint as department agents. You can allocate department extension numbers, voicemail boxes and answering instructions.

Besides, you can connect departments to share calls to department agents established on various factors such as the number of calls they have received, duration of their waiting period or experience. You can even have a random distribution of calls.

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