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Cloudbnet's Cloud PBX Benefits (Part 2)

(This is a 2-part article series and this is the second article in the series. Click here to read the first article)

Continuing from our first article, have you been having issues with your PBX system? You can switch to the innovative Cloudbnet’s Virtual PBX that offers you the flexibility to make your choices. You are also free from any contract that does not favor you; these are the top ten reasons why you should consider upgrading your system.


Switching to Cloudbnet will ensure your Cloud PBX is regularly upgraded and revised from time to time at no extra cost to you as the user. You do not have to wait for a technician to come to your office space to conduct the routine upgrade as Cloudbnet ensures a continuous technical update of your system with the most recent features from the cloud.


With Cloudbnet, you do not have to worry about mobility as it has been sorted out. Your extension will be routed through your phone and irrespective of your current location; you can speak to anyone as if you are in the office. Your calls are sent to the place where your IP phone is plugged as Cloud PBX will direct your calls there. If your company has various branches across the nation, choosing Cloudbnet is the perfect solution for your brand. In case you do not pick your call, we will ensure your call is forwarded to another extension, voicemail or your cell phone as your office should not be restricted to a single location.


When you choose Cloud PBX, you can say goodbye to negative experiences like having downtime in communicating with your loved ones and business associates due to unforeseen circumstances. You can be assured of a smooth experience which is devoid of interruption in office communications.


As a user, you are offered the opportunity to have control of your settings as the configuration of the virtual PBX from a simple web portal pretty easy. You can control basic settings like altering the Auto Attendant message and send a message to our technical support team either online or through the phone when you do not understand some features. You are assured of exceptional support when you contact us to maximize the potentials in your Virtual PBX.


As you migrate to the cloud, your equipment updates are significantly diminished as you will spend less on electricity. There will be no need to include an unwanted server cabinet that comprises obsolete PBX gadgets every three years. Use of the virtual PBX is a wise choice as it saves electricity as hundred companies that exist in the cloud will consume less electricity than a hundred companies with hundred PBXs. You will enjoy a better life when you migrate your PBX system to the Cloudbnet.


Reach out to us today at in order to communicate effectively with your customers with Cloudbnet's Cloud PBX.

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