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The Intelligent Business Phone System. 

Put your phone system in the cloud. Easy to Set-up, Easy to Manage

For decades, most corporate phone systems were powered by on-premise PBX hardware.

Corporate organizations have been using the on-premise PBX hardware for several years. Though Legacy PBX systems used to offer outstanding features but its advantages have been hampered by its high cost of maintenance and inability to adapt to changes. It is on record that the standard PBX hardware is a rigid means that cannot adjust to the ever-changing business current. The use of the traditional PBX hardware does not allow the integration of mobile device which brings about a smooth connection between remote employees and various locations of the business entity. It is important to note that the application of onsite hardware is an expensive adventure that needs a substantial amount of capital. In simple terms, on-premise PBX phone systems are unnecessarily costly and renowned for inhibiting the development of modern communication gadgets.  


Cloudbnet is taking the world of communication by storm with the introduction of the cloud system to the business PBX. With a team of professionals, Cloudbnet has established a cloud PBX solution which is popularly known as IP PBX, cloud or hosted solution. This new solution encompasses the advantages of traditional PBX features which include conferencing, paging, intercom calling, voice, fax, extensions, voicemail, etc. without the addition of the costs and restrictions of hardware like trunks and switches. This innovative idea from Cloudbnet has given the cloud PBX a competitive edge over the traditional legacy systems as it features advanced unique attributes such as comprehensive mobile integration, online meetings that enable participants to share screens, and business SMS features.

Benefits of Cloud PBX



  • You are assured of trusted security when you utilize the On-premise PBX systems as they are managed by a team of well-trained IT experts or service business providers. It is also important to note that the environment is the factor that can expose your phone PBX to a security threat, but you can rely on a Cloud PBX to eradicate these risks. 


  • Cloudbnet’s Cloud PBX is situated in Tier 1 data centers and bi-coastal settings and also presents outstanding features like encryption, system hardening, biometric security, multiple layers of redundancy, physical security, failover technology and 24/7 monitoring. Cloudbnet will ensure our trusted security gadgets secure your company's data information and communications. 


  • Disruptions and emergencies are unforeseen circumstances that we rarely envisage. These situations can thwart the process of business transactions, and they include power outage, severe weather or a natural disaster. Use of a Cloud PBX can improve the quality of your business and ensure the work process is not disrupted. With the assistance of the Cloudbnet’s offerings, your office workers can make calls, send fax and text messages and hosts their online business meetings and conference calls by exploiting their tablets and smartphones. Our mobile application can use cellular voice and data networks in the absence of an internet service


  • Maximize Uptime and Quality of Service for your phone PBX carrier-grade reliability. Our brand’s operations are situated in first-class data centers, and we have maintained a robust collaboration with reputable telecommunication brands to ensure interconnect services and response times aligns with the services offered by these telecom companies. 



  • Use of the Cloud PBX brings about reduced expenses and enhances an improved return on investment. Ditching the on-premise PBX hardware will ensure you spend less on maintenance and expansion which are not included in the initial package. The Cloudbnet business PBX saves you from the stress of updating your hardware and constant support every time there is an upgrade. You will receive a modern communications system that will be upgraded each time to offer you the most recent features in communications technologies.  


  • Our Cloud PBX has been designed in a simple way that does not require you to hire the services of professional IT personnel or independent service providers. In contrast, Legacy systems entail the acquisition of onsite support for essential details such as the addition of new extensions and troubleshooting as well as manufacturer-special training to keep these devices in great form. Our Cloud PBX have taken care of that part for you as there is no need to receive certifications before you can control your system efficiently. 


  • You will love the simplicity of the Cloudbnet's PBX as it is pretty simple to manage and handle. You can alter its features such as voicemail, call handling and greetings to ensure it yields excellent results for your brand without engaging the services of the IT professionals. 


  • A Cloud PBX will help you avoid a complicated billing system as it offers you the opportunity to select a single service provider for your business communication details and get a single invoice for each of your locations, features, and users. With this in place, you can get a cheaper subscription for your mobile minutes, text, fax, voicemail, conferencing, VoIP system, online meetings, the virtual receptionist, desktop and mobile applications. 


  • Create a smooth communications system where employees in the office and those who are outside the office environment can exchange information. For instance, your office staff in Singapore can send a text message or fax message to their counterparts in Malaysia. This feature can also be exploited to have an online business meeting between a business team in the Thailand and the Hong Kong. The purpose of the Cloudbnet is to save time and enhance co-operation among groups scattered across the globe without being limited by distance.


  • The Cloudbnet mobile application ensures a comprehensive integration of your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with the ability to perform the functions of a business phone service system. It also has the features of a full phone service system like online meetings, conferencing, text messaging, fax, voice, and contact to the corporate directory. Subscribers are allowed to make and receive phone calls and send out text messages with their direct numbers or extensions. They are also enabled to utilize personal mobile devices or gadgets provided by the company. 


  • irrespective of the device used by the employees, they can make and receive calls with the help of their personal lines or main business numbers. These devices could be their desk phone, home telephone, desktop, personal or corporate smartphone, or hotel phone.


  • Its installation makes it easier to start operations on the same day of purchase. There is no need to install complicated hardware which compels you to wait for the shipping of major equipment unlike before. With the assistance of the Cloudbnet solutions, you can set up phone lines, locations, extensions and acquire new phone numbers on the day you make your purchase. 


  • The Cloudbnet mobile application offers you the opportunity to make some changes on your admin portal such as the addition of permanent and transient members of staff. You can also buy additional devices to your system and alter individual or group user settings as fast as possible. With this in place, you can concentrate on other crucial assignments and spend lesser time on administrative responsibilities. 


  • Engaging the services of sales staff who work from the comfort of their homes is a smart investment. The Cloudbnet system has a competitive edge over the standard PBX systems as it offers your team the opportunity to work efficiently irrespective of their location. Allowing your employees to work in their desired location will significantly improve their productivity and your brand’s image. 



Your phones will arrive at your destination in a matter of days in a ready-to-use form as they are already configured. You are required to insert your phones into a high-speed internet connection to start the process. The cloud system in your phone will ensure you do not need the installation of hardware components for ongoing maintenance as it has been programmed to show new features and updates by design.  

Cloud PBX
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